Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time for summer shlock

Not sure how it happened but have gotten suckered into yet another massive series of largish books. Humpf. So 2 down about 30 more to go. Cynthia Harrod-Eagles: story of a family from pre-Henry VIII to not sure when with a new book with each generation. No smut, a wee bit too much history for the average reader but it's nice to get a refresher for those of us who actually studied it about an eon or so ago. And other book blogs which will go unnamed have kept my ordering up, book budget blown, and my kids pissed as the daily packages are always "more stupid books for you, mom" Ah well, we all have our vices and mine is legal & non-fattening :) But Beth has reminded me of the joys of libraries (although ours is pretty awful) so that's helped the wallet a bit. Now if the horde of very very smelly homeless man who seems to live in the fiction room could perhaps sit in the non-fiction room occasionally, I might be able to browse longer. I can only hold my breath for so long.

Not sure if my kids are really mine. G wailed last night about the impossibility of finishing The Mango Shaped Space (she has about 40 more pages) in the next 3 weeks. I know she said she hates it but it's only 40 pages -- just DO it already and go on to something better. No sympathy from me.

C on the other hand will sneak books under the covers with a flashlight -- now that brings back memories and I am very determined to look the other way for that transgression! (at least until school starts)

Off to scour the internet for book 3.

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  1. Let me also remind you of the joy of library hold shelves (assuming your library knows about these delights). You can do your browsing on the internet.

    Speaking of shlock, I do believe I have the next Laurell Hamilton Vampire pseudo-book awaiting me. Time for a trip to the beach.