Thursday, October 27, 2011

Countdown to new literary crack...

32 days to new Diana Gabaldon book... I guess I'm not techologically inclined enough to make the copying of the fun countdown widget work. Pretty sad to admit that as I am responsible for implementing entire new electronic medical record in 16 clinics.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Braving the local library...

Well, Beth guilted me into it so today I acually entered the Latter library. Beautiful old mansion-turned-library. Has had major structural issues not helped by Hurricane Katrina, and massive AC problems which led to roof issues which led to total destruction of lots of books... But there were cars and people so in I went. Let's just say that New Orleans is not on the forefront of the library frontier. There was lots of those green hardbacks that just scream "library book" that were made about 50 years ago. Current, new books? Umm not so much. I tend to be a browser who picks books based on cover art so I was out of luck there. Although I did go check out some fav authors and managed to find a few I've either never read or forgotten so much that re-reading will be OK.... Sooo, small stack of 5 books: How to Bake a Perfect Life by Barbara O'Neal; The Queen's Lover by Vanora Bennett (whose own first name sounds a wee bit made up); Everything She thought She Wanted bu Elizabeth Buchan; Pegasus in Space by Anne McCaffrey and Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok (an actual 2010 publication that I only got because someone else was dropping off as I was checking out). Next time need to see if there's a whole 'nother room that is perhaps a bit more current than the rest of the library....

So it's official, I'm very jealous of Beth's library and off to see about the whole online order from another branch thingy to see if by chance New Orleans has figured that part out yet...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Catching up

on old and new reading. Found out by accident that one of my favorite authors had not one but TWO new books in the series out! An embarassment of riches :) So now I'm up to date with the Sara Donati stuff (which has a cool tie-in with my all-time favorite author Diana Gabaldon's Outlander folks too...)

And of course when I run out of new, I re-read. Am almost done with an old Trouble For Lucia book by EF Benson -- a bit scary to realize that the characters who all seemed so ancient the first time around are actually just a few years older than me! And it being Christmas & all, I managed to buy large quantities of books for my children, all of which I want to read (how surprising!) so it's a 2 for 1 deal in that both kids AND I get to enjoy.... Some 3 book series billed as great for Rick Riordan fans for Gen as well as the CandyMakers and the new Wimpy Kid book for Chris. I just tried to weed Chris' overflowing bookcase to make some room, and sadly could only bear to part with about 6. Most of the ones that he's outgrown, I want to keep. I mean, how can you get rid of The Country Bunny and the Gold Shoes, or my prized Anatole books: they're classics! Of course, I'd happily get rid of the Captain Underpants & Star Wars books but since that's what turned the knob & got him hooked on reading, I guess I'll keep those too...

So 4 more days til Christmas, no unread books & no money til Friday. Guess I'll need to hit the library on the lunch break, although I'm not a big library fan -- I like having my OWN books... but I certainly can't go 4 whole days with nothing to read...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time for summer shlock

Not sure how it happened but have gotten suckered into yet another massive series of largish books. Humpf. So 2 down about 30 more to go. Cynthia Harrod-Eagles: story of a family from pre-Henry VIII to not sure when with a new book with each generation. No smut, a wee bit too much history for the average reader but it's nice to get a refresher for those of us who actually studied it about an eon or so ago. And other book blogs which will go unnamed have kept my ordering up, book budget blown, and my kids pissed as the daily packages are always "more stupid books for you, mom" Ah well, we all have our vices and mine is legal & non-fattening :) But Beth has reminded me of the joys of libraries (although ours is pretty awful) so that's helped the wallet a bit. Now if the horde of very very smelly homeless man who seems to live in the fiction room could perhaps sit in the non-fiction room occasionally, I might be able to browse longer. I can only hold my breath for so long.

Not sure if my kids are really mine. G wailed last night about the impossibility of finishing The Mango Shaped Space (she has about 40 more pages) in the next 3 weeks. I know she said she hates it but it's only 40 pages -- just DO it already and go on to something better. No sympathy from me.

C on the other hand will sneak books under the covers with a flashlight -- now that brings back memories and I am very determined to look the other way for that transgression! (at least until school starts)

Off to scour the internet for book 3.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Napoleon anyone?

I've been on a Bernard Cornwell kick lately reading my way through the Richard Sharpe series. Gotta love a series, especially a LOOOONG series. A bit heavy on the fighting but the hero is a British soldier who seems to have landed in every major battle of his lifetime, surprise surprise.... But nice escapism of the variety, how nice it is not to be dodging bullets, evil jettis and sinister double-agents... It's Mother's Day weekend and I don't have my children so have a large stack of books, some junk food and glorious weather. Must go and indulge in a lounge chair so I can eat my bon bons in comfort.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cooking for others

Last weekend I spent most of Saturday cooking for Mardi Gras Spirits fundraiser for church. I arrived this morning thinking I would do the same thing only to find we had an hour's worth of work and then were done. Hmm... I now have a whole day free unexpectedly and no books saved up and nothing planned. I hate unplanned time. It's windy, cold and icky outside so I'm not going to hack back the hibiscuses (hibisci?). I'm not feeling very flush so I'm not going to check out that new consignment shop I drove by. I can't curl up on the couch with a book when I've got nothing saved. I could go and help C out by getting him into World 3 on Super Mario Bros. That would help the supermom reputation. I could cook something but am lacking ambition today. I'm definitely NOT doing laundry. So I'm putzing about on the computer.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I have to wonder what my neighbours think of me

My children are screaming about every 30 seconds -- quite an ear-piercing scream too. Apparently Super Mario Bros. is a shriek-enducing experience. My poor dog doesn't even lift her head anymore. We've had 4 tearful hysterical intermissions but they won't stop. Crack for kids.

The leaves are raked which I think means I'm free from any gardening duties for the next 3 months, right? I keep waiting for the garden fairy to put the darn pavers down over the "lawn" but no such luck.

I had high hopes for actually doing some service work as a family this MLK day but C was having a bad morning so I didn't think subjecting others to his moods counted towards doing the right thing. Marytrdom on my part doesn't count as service work, does it?

It's time for Mardi Gras -- my gate is looking very naked and it's time for some beads. My little red wagon is rested, I've discovered that while Uggs really are hideously ugly, they are about those most comfortable boots that I've ever worn so I have the outfit, the wagon, the kids are ready.... so parade already!