Monday, January 18, 2010

I have to wonder what my neighbours think of me

My children are screaming about every 30 seconds -- quite an ear-piercing scream too. Apparently Super Mario Bros. is a shriek-enducing experience. My poor dog doesn't even lift her head anymore. We've had 4 tearful hysterical intermissions but they won't stop. Crack for kids.

The leaves are raked which I think means I'm free from any gardening duties for the next 3 months, right? I keep waiting for the garden fairy to put the darn pavers down over the "lawn" but no such luck.

I had high hopes for actually doing some service work as a family this MLK day but C was having a bad morning so I didn't think subjecting others to his moods counted towards doing the right thing. Marytrdom on my part doesn't count as service work, does it?

It's time for Mardi Gras -- my gate is looking very naked and it's time for some beads. My little red wagon is rested, I've discovered that while Uggs really are hideously ugly, they are about those most comfortable boots that I've ever worn so I have the outfit, the wagon, the kids are ready.... so parade already!

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