Tuesday, January 5, 2010


New Orleans is not normally cold. Well it's 25 with a 16 degree windchill. As of this morning, I didn't even own gloves. I have remedied that particular lack and have had a shortish argument with the furry members of the family that outside is Not where they want to be. After sticking their noses outside, they agreed rather quickly and hopped back on inside :)

Now reminding Harry of that at 1 AM which is when he remembers that he's normally and outdoor kitty at night is not fun. Howls and meows of outrage, me stomping about turning off alarms, chucking him outside, locking doors again, returning on alarms only to have him think twice about the whole thing about 10 minutes later is not making me fonder of the darling feline... Lucy on the other hand is being very good about it all with the exception of being a bit more restive with the tail. She is still so very grateful for having a home where she's allowed inside it's a bit pathetic.

So I think it's a chilly chili night, maybe even with hot chocolate and wrapped in blankets night. Because I have one more of the Riordan saga to go so I can keep up with my daughter on the ONLY books she's ever enjoyed/read willingly. Thank Goodness for that! Now to find her someone else like him that to keep that ball rolling....

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  1. Not exactly like him, but great is the Attolia series by Megan Whelan Turner. Good for you, too.