Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cooking up a storm

Well it's a kidless weekend which usually means minor laundry and major cooking sprees. Three loads of laundry later and one batch of pretty darn awesome gingerbread, huge batch of pantry chili for church, pad thai, and hummus. Can you tell I cleaned out a cupboard :) What on earth I was thinking ending up with 4, count them 4, bottles of blackstrap molasses! And who knew Rotel is pretty darn spicy - bit much for the munchkins and little old ladies at church so I'm tempering it a bit with an infusion of spaghetti sauce and it's burbling away in the crockpot as I type.

Unfortunately my kids don't like gingerbread (although this is that really yummy super dark and spice-laden kind) and since I'm trying yet again to fit back into more than one pair of pants in my closet, I think that may be coming on down to church as well or I will scarf the lot...

Managed to clean a few windows and finally 4 years later take down the Christmas lights from the house. Oops, not sure how I figured I could slip that one by -- but no nasty comments from the neighbors - but then I do live in the South and we're big on keeping trees up for Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, Easter, and on down!

Hmm. Need to clean a hamster cage. What a happenin' weekend around here :)


  1. P and I bought molasses to make gingerbread, but it is still sitting in my pantry. We kind of missed the season.

    Maybe we'll make little men for MLK day?

  2. I LURVE gingerbread -- although not gingerbread people -- I like more cakey stuff. The whole house smells yummy. No such thing as season for food! Make them. Although maybe not quite politically correct to make them for MLK Day :)