Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year

Just finished A Rumpole Christmas. I picked it up because of the cover -- love the font and pretty much anything of that era in BritLit is a good thing in my book. Well, it was a group of short stories and I just don't like short stories. Long stories, yes, good thumping roach-squashers of books yes but not little piddly ones. And at $23 for 161 pages 5x7 size, Bah Humbug. Other than that Mrs Lincoln, I actually did enjoy them. Nice little vignettes, love the She Who Myst Be Obeyed :) Enough to go check out to see about full-length versions even if they are mysteries. Oh and break open a bottle of Chateau Thames Embankment ...

Anyhoo, here we are at day two of the new decade and I've got 2.5 books under the belt. Par for the course around here.

Off for another attempt at exercise altough yesterday's stab is still causing me to walk like I;m about 4o years older than I am!

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