Sunday, January 10, 2010

I am officially a Southerner now

This cold stuff is really getting to me. Me a born and bred Yankee who used to go out her window when the door was snowed in, who used to cross country ski to work, who had no heat in her apartment other than a wood stove is just flipping out with 27 degree weather and no snow.... I think it's the pipes that are doing it. Up North we know better and don't have water pipes outside unprotected. Down here, nope so everytime it gets below freezing, everyone runs around like a chicken without their head bleating about the pipes. I haven't slept well in 3 nights (keep getting up every few hours to make sure all the faucets are still dripping) and we have about 3 more nights to go before it's supposed to warm up around here. At least I got a box of books on Friday to keep me going!

So three books done so far and I still have one new one left to go. And I also haven't broken in my brand new baby crockpot but all I can think of to use it for due to it's size are soups & my kids just won't eat soup (unless it's chicken noodle) so I guess chicken noodle it is.... Always nice to have something burbling away and double points if there's something in the oven as well.... Maybe some cookies for lunches or I could try out that new King Cake recipe.... hmmmm. All I really want to do is huddle in bed with the covers pulled up high, a cold can of Coke and a bag of chips and the new book. Temptations tempations!

Finished two new Marcia Willet's (sort of a Rosamunde Pilchery type of author) and while their settings, timing and basic storylines were right up my alley there was a bit too much adultery and affairs going on to be too pleasant. But it was good to have new to me books -- I've been doing an awful lot of re-reading lately.

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  1. I'm guessing the Peter Pan was a re-read? And I bet the Miss Read was a nice decency refresher after the Willets.