Sunday, December 19, 2010

Catching up

on old and new reading. Found out by accident that one of my favorite authors had not one but TWO new books in the series out! An embarassment of riches :) So now I'm up to date with the Sara Donati stuff (which has a cool tie-in with my all-time favorite author Diana Gabaldon's Outlander folks too...)

And of course when I run out of new, I re-read. Am almost done with an old Trouble For Lucia book by EF Benson -- a bit scary to realize that the characters who all seemed so ancient the first time around are actually just a few years older than me! And it being Christmas & all, I managed to buy large quantities of books for my children, all of which I want to read (how surprising!) so it's a 2 for 1 deal in that both kids AND I get to enjoy.... Some 3 book series billed as great for Rick Riordan fans for Gen as well as the CandyMakers and the new Wimpy Kid book for Chris. I just tried to weed Chris' overflowing bookcase to make some room, and sadly could only bear to part with about 6. Most of the ones that he's outgrown, I want to keep. I mean, how can you get rid of The Country Bunny and the Gold Shoes, or my prized Anatole books: they're classics! Of course, I'd happily get rid of the Captain Underpants & Star Wars books but since that's what turned the knob & got him hooked on reading, I guess I'll keep those too...

So 4 more days til Christmas, no unread books & no money til Friday. Guess I'll need to hit the library on the lunch break, although I'm not a big library fan -- I like having my OWN books... but I certainly can't go 4 whole days with nothing to read...


  1. My kid read most of the books that he bought as gifts. He claimed he was doing a quality inspection before wrapping them. Just a thought.

  2. Yeah thought of that & I might unwrap for a quick read but that could only happen while they're at their dad's so I have 3 more nights to burn.....

  3. If you borrow the same books from the library, will that help or hurt?

    Of course, I'm a huge library user. Hey, I pay taxes! I think of it as my personal off-site storage facility. I guess it helps that I push all MY books off on my friends too, so even MY books aren't safe in my house a lot of the time.