Saturday, January 22, 2011

Braving the local library...

Well, Beth guilted me into it so today I acually entered the Latter library. Beautiful old mansion-turned-library. Has had major structural issues not helped by Hurricane Katrina, and massive AC problems which led to roof issues which led to total destruction of lots of books... But there were cars and people so in I went. Let's just say that New Orleans is not on the forefront of the library frontier. There was lots of those green hardbacks that just scream "library book" that were made about 50 years ago. Current, new books? Umm not so much. I tend to be a browser who picks books based on cover art so I was out of luck there. Although I did go check out some fav authors and managed to find a few I've either never read or forgotten so much that re-reading will be OK.... Sooo, small stack of 5 books: How to Bake a Perfect Life by Barbara O'Neal; The Queen's Lover by Vanora Bennett (whose own first name sounds a wee bit made up); Everything She thought She Wanted bu Elizabeth Buchan; Pegasus in Space by Anne McCaffrey and Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok (an actual 2010 publication that I only got because someone else was dropping off as I was checking out). Next time need to see if there's a whole 'nother room that is perhaps a bit more current than the rest of the library....

So it's official, I'm very jealous of Beth's library and off to see about the whole online order from another branch thingy to see if by chance New Orleans has figured that part out yet...


  1. I read Pegasus in Space but remember nothing, although I could tell you most of To Ride Pegasus. I do have a wonderful library. The river runs through it, well, beneath it really.

    Good luck with the reserve system. I certainly hope New Orleans has met the twentieth century there.

  2. If your local library stinks, just e-mail your local Kristen and I'll see what I have to send along to you. ;-)